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Feeding Laramie Valley community gardens.


Feeding Laramie Valley has been working with local communities to bring fresh healthy food to Albany County since 2009. Our community gardens are designed to not only serve garden plot stewards, but to provide an attractive, inspirational and educational resource for all visitors and Albany County residents. 


Feeding Laramie Valley has two Community Gardens open for plot stewards to reserve raised beds at: 

  • Kiwanis Park Community Garden

  • Feeding Laramie Valley Building’s Community Garden

What is a plot steward?

A plot steward assumes responsibility for one or more raised beds each growing season. Plot stewards are responsible for the food production, harvest, and maintenance of the raised bed they reserve. Feeding Laramie Valley is committed to accessibility and diversity. We especially encourage individuals who are not familiar with personal gardening to become involved as garden plot stewards and invite you to be in touch with the coordinators for any assistance or guidance you might need. If you like, we can match you up with a gardening mentor through our Garden Mentoring Program.

8.6.2020. Community Gardens. Gardens at

FLV Building


Located in La Bonte Park, this community garden offers 10 raised beds, water on-site, wind blockers, and compost bins.


Kiwanis Park


Located in West Laramie, this community garden offers 30 raised beds, ADA accessible beds and pathways, water on-site, tool shed, composting system, and pollinator garden.

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Community Garden


Our Community Garden Guidebook provides a basic introduction to community gardens, plot stewards, garden maps and layouts, the application process, and more.

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