How Garden Mentoring works.

Growing in Laramie can be challenging, but having a beautiful garden full of fresh and healthy produce is possible. Through this program, we hope to bridge the gap between the many experienced and new gardeners in our community to strengthen our gardening community as a whole. Whether you want to give help to new gardeners or get help with your gardens, we want to help you do it! 

What is a Garden Mentor and Mentee?

A garden Mentor is someone that helps educate and guide another gardener. They are a resource for other gardeners on how to get started, what to plant, and how to care for their gardens. A garden Mentee is someone who is looking for guidance on how to grow, maintain, and harvest their garden successfully and is paired with a garden Mentor.

What are the benefits of the Program?

Mentee's gain one on one gardening help and advice, advance their knowledge and skills in the areas of their choosing, learn gardening methods to increase their yields, join a growing network of gardeners, enhance their relationships in the gardening community and gain access to Feeding Laramie Valley's staff for supplies, technical support, and resources. Mentor's make a difference in the community by helping novice gardeners succeed and strengthening all gardeners abilities, build leadership and teaching skills, become a part of peer to peer network, and receive a certificate of appreciation from Feeding Laramie Valley.

How do you join?

Our program accepts applications to be a garden Mentor or Mentee year round.

To join as Mentor, submit the Mentor Information Sheet to coordinator, Katie Case.

To join as a Mentee, submit the Mentee Application to coordinator, Katie Case.


To learn more about the program, see our Program Introduction Guide.

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