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Since 2009, Feeding Laramie Valley has been working to ensure food security throughout Albany County, Wyoming. Thousands of people living in our community do not have sufficient access to sufficient food, or food of an adequate quality, to meet their basic needs.

With the staggering rise in fresh produce costs, donations of all sizes to support our mission of sustainable local food security are needed now more than ever. Consider these financial support options that will help us share fresh produce every week to individuals and families living with food insecurity.

Feeding Laramie Valley Shares is a free, weekly program offering high quality, fresh fruits and vegetables to anyone who needs it. Each Shares bag contains enough fresh produce for about 3 days of the USDA daily recommendation for each person in the household. The value of donation amounts listed below are based on the average, direct wholesale cost of high quality produce. The produce we provide is grown and harvested in our own production gardens in Laramie, Wyoming; is purchased wholesale from local and regional gardeners; is donated by local community gardeners and farmers.

$5 • 1 shares bag for 1 person

$10 • 1 shares bag for a couple

$20 • 1 shares bag for a family of 4

$50 • 10 weeks of shares bags for 1 person

$100 • 10 weeks of shares bags for a couple

$200 • 10 weeks of shares bags for a family of 4

We offer many opportunities to get involved with our sustainable food security efforts.

See other ways you can help here.


If you have or anticipate having immediate food security needs, click here for more information about FLV Shares.

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