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New Community Garden Breaks Ground at Kiwanis Park


Newman, Eve (2021). New mural reflects LaBonte Park community.


Steiner, Steve (2021). Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies receives grant.



Newman, Eve (2020). New program offers free weekend meals.

Engle, Ivy (2020). New Program Ensures Laramie Kids Have Access to Healthy Weekend Meals. 


Newman, Eve (2020). Wyoming Conservation Corps plans shortened fall season.

Newman, Eve (2020). New Program offers free weekend meals.

N.A. (2020). Wyoming Hunger Initiative allocates $55,800 in grants to anti-hunger nonprofits.

Stefanich, Logan (2020). Feeding Laramie Valley expands community farming, healthy food distribution.

Cheser, Kristen (2020). Everyone is welcome at Feeding Laramie Valley.


Newman, Eve (2020). Agencies report more families needing food assistance.

Newman, Eve (2020). Wyoming Conservation Corps finds new partner in Feeding Laramie Valley.

Newman, Eve (2020). Program aims to streamline game meat donations.

Newman, Eve (2020). Programs to serve meals for kids all summer.

Funk, Joel (2020). Snow storm wreaks havoc in Laramie.

N.A. (2020). UW Student Group Helps Laramie Community Nonprofits.


N.A. (2019). Award-Winning Documentary 'Hearts of Glass' to be Shown at UW Sept. 25.

Day, C.J. (2019). Higher Ground Fair.


Newman, E. (2019). Feeding Laramie Valley celebrating 10 years.


Newman, E. (2019). Grand opening set for Kiwanis Park Community Garden.


Paul (2019). Community connections: Feeding Laramie Valley.


Paul (2019). Community Garden Grand Opening in Laramie.


Paul (2019). Bingo At Roxie's On Grand For A Good Cause.


Kocal, Thomas (2019). It's Here: Laramie's Thursday Local Farmers Market Opens Today.

Kocal, Thomas (2019). Beekeeping to Alternative Energy Featured at the Laramie Conservation Expo.


Edwards, Melodie (2018). AmeriCorps Helps Laramie With Food Security Project.

Human Nature Episode 50: Witness. Wyoming Public Media.


Bjorklund, Kay (2018). AARP to host volunteer recognition dinner tonight in Casper. Oil City News, Casper WY.


Newman, Eve (2018). New Community Garden in the Works at Kiwanis Park. Laramie Boomerang.


Lacock, Tom (2018). AARP Wyoming Honors Laramie Volunteer, Judy Lowe. AARP.


Woodsum, Gayle (2018). Entering into a community-university collaboration: Reflections from Feeding Laramie Valley. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 8(Supple. 1).


AARP (2018). AARP Community Challenge 2018 Grantees.

Mayers, Katherine (2018). Volunteers Help Build Kiwanis Park Community Garden. Iron Branding.


Pounds, Kaitamaria (2018). Tradition and innovation at the Higher Ground Fair. Iron Branding.


Wolf, Stephanie (2018). To Keep The Black West Alive These Actors Will Take up the Mantle of History. Colorado Public Radio.


Farrell, Becky (2018). AARP Community Challenge Announces Two Wyoming Recipients. AARP Wyoming.


Porter, C., Woodsum, G., & Hargraves, M. (2018). Introduction—and Invitation—to the Food Dignity Special Issue. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 8(A), 1-4.


N.A. (2018). Food Dignity. Flordia Food Policy Council.


Victor, Jeff (2018). Food security, access to emergency services hampered by neglected road. Gillette News Exchange: Wyoming News Exchange.


C.M., Porter (2018). Food Dignity: Action Research on Engaging Food Insecure Communities and Universities in Building Sustainable Community Food Systems. USDA.


N.A. (2018). UW Students Hope to Expand Businesses Through Ellbogen $50K Entrepreneurship Awards. UW News.


Edwards, Melodie (2018). AmeriCorps Helps Laramie with Food Security Project. Wyoming Public Media.


NA.A UW Researchers Help Citizen Group Setting Vision for Senior-Friendly Laramie. UW News.


Elder, Alanna (2018). Despite Low College Price-tag, Some UW Students Still Struggle To Eat. Wyoming Public Media.




Edwards, Melodie (2017). Higher Ground Fair Celebrates Life in the Rockies. Wyoming Public Media.


Teter, Sara (2017). Higher Ground Fair aims to Bring Rocky Mountain Community Together. Laramie Live.


Gaechter, L., & Porter, C. M. (2018). “Ultimately about dignity”: Social movement frames used by collaborators in the Food Dignity action-research project. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 8(Suppl. 1), 147–166.


Elder, Alanna (2017). Summer Food Service Trying to Reach Kids. Wyoming Public Media.


Lauren (2017). Feeding Laramie Valley Continues Free summer Food Program: “Kids Out to Lunch”. Laramie News.


N.A. (2017). Garden Board Partner Search Centers on HUB. The Saratoga Sun.


N.A. (2017). Garden Grant Recipients Announced for Fiskars Project Orange Thumb.’-Project-Orange


N.A. (2017). Grant Recipients Announced for Fiskars Project Orange Thumb. Middleton Chamber of Commerce.




Leininger, Monika (2016). Laramie Upcoming Events. Branding Iron.


John (2016). Laramie Garden Study Shows Strong Productivity at 7,200 Feet. Laramie News.


Porter, Christine; Wechsler, Alyssa; Arthur, Melvin (2016). Growing Wyoming: What can we Produce with Gardens? Division of Kinesiology and Health. University of Wyoming.


Shawn (2016). Feeding Laramie Valley Accepting Applications For Summer Internships. Laramie News.


Press Release (2016). Laramie Garden Study Shows Strong Productivity at 7.200 feet. Sweet Water Now.


Conk, Shannon; Porter, Christine (2016). Food Gardeners’ Productivity in Laramie Wyoming: More Than a Hobby. American Public Health Association: AM J Public Health.


Tregaskis, Sharon (2016). Food for Thought: A Wyoming-based scholar explores gardening as a venue for social justice. Cornell Alumni Magazine.


Wimeditor (2016). Laramie’s Higher Ground Fair 2016. WyoLifestyle.


N.A. (2016). UW Nutrition Program Instructors Recognized for Excellence. UW News.




Owens, Reece (2015). Food in Wyoming. 

Dunning, Lina (2015). The Grace to Receive. Story Center.


Laramie City Council Work Session (2015). Monolith Work Session.


Edwards, Melodie (2015). Wyoming Food Advocates Attend Social Change Conference in South Africa. Coming Public Media.


N.A. (2015). UW, Wind River Reservation Project to Grow Health with Gardens. University of Wyoming News.


N.A. (2015). Walmart Foundation Awards $157,500 to Wyoming Nonprofits. KGWN Cheyenne.


N.A. (2015). Good Food Org Guide. Food Tank.




N.A. (2014). Food Dignity Receives 13th Annual CCPH Award. Community Campus Partnerships for Health.


Hampton, Jamie (2014) Farmer’s Market Sees Last Day of Season. Branding Iron.


Edwards, Melodie (2014). Study Says Small Gardens can be as Productive as Factory Farms. Wyoming Public Media.


Kimata, Ruth (2014). Faculty study health benefits of gardening. Branding Iron.


N.A. (2014). Food Dignity Project Garners National Recognition. CALS Notes.


International Journal of Community Research and Engagement (IJCRE) 2014, 7, 3399,


N.A. (2014) High Country Conservatism: Annual Report.




Laramie Rivers Conservation District: Annual Report.


Associated Press (2013). UW Research Supports Community Systems. Billings Gazette.


Weist, Hannah (2013). UW Research Supports Community Food Systems: Sustainable Systems Needed. The Sheridan Press.


N.A. (2013). US: Tiny downtown greenhouse grows veggies for Wyo. coffee shop. HortiDaily.




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N.A. (2011). Nurturing Laramie’s Local Food System. Facing Hunger in America.

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