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6.16.2020. Shares. Transferring seedling

How Seedling Foster Care works.

The Seedling Foster Care Program is one of Feeding Laramie Valley’s many responses to the increasing needs of our community in these challenging times. 

Through this program, you can help bring fresh and healthy produce to households in Albany County by starting seedlings in your home and donating starters (baby plants) you have grown to Feeding Laramie Valley. Our staff can then transfer them to our local production garden to help increase the amount of fresh produce grown by the Shares Team for our Shares Program and distributed in our weekly shares bags to our neighbors who need it most. 


The program runs from March to June, and is a great way for anyone to volunteer from home while fighting food insecurity in Albany County, Wyoming.


Download the instruction guide here.

What to Grow and When.


The supplies needed to volunteer with this program are: seeds, soil, small containers to grow seeds, and water. Feeding Laramie Valley can donate these supplies to volunteers if they don’t have the resources to get them.


In descending order, these are the types of seedlings we need most, to what seedlings we need least:

  • Tomatoes (Seeds can be started March - end of May)

  • Bell Peppers (Seeds can be started March - end of May)

  • Broccoli (Seeds can be started April - end of May)

  • Cauliflower (Seeds can be started March - end of May)

  • Brussel Sprouts (Seeds can be started April - middle of May)

  • Green Cabbage (Seeds can be started March - end of May)

  • Okra (Seeds can be started April - end of May)


Although these types of seeds are preferred, Feeding Laramie Valley will accept seedling donations of any variety. It is preferred that seedling donations are between three and five inches at the time of donation. 


Tomatoes and peppers are planted first, so they should be donated during the last week of May or the first week of June (but we still accept donations through the end of June). All other varieties will be accepted through the end of June. 

Questions about Seedling Foster Care? Email us at

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