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Local Bread Company Donates Profit to Feeding Laramie Valley

September 1, 2017

The McGees of Laramie, WY started Solstice Acre Breads earlier this summer and sold exclusively at the Thursday Local Market. Blake and his wife Katrina started Solstice Acre Breads with the hope of introducing their sons, Liam and Everett, to commerce and philanthropy. The whole family is involved in the process of baking the bread, including mixing the dough, shaping the loaves and selling them at the market. Liam and Everett enjoy using the leftover dough to create "everything" loaves - a mix of that day's flavors including the Laramie Levain, Pain Rustique, Whole Wheat, Seeded Multigrain and sometimes even Chocolate Chip dough.

Solstice Acre Breads

The McGee's property is also home to goats, chickens, honeybees and about an acre of land they use for growing food. Blake and Katrina are working on growing wine grapes and grains as well. They both work at the University of Wyoming and are active members of the Laramie community.

In its inaugural summer, Solstice Acre Breads made a profit of $1,000 which was donated to Feeding Laramie Valley! This gracious donation will support Feeding Laramie Valley's programs that are working to create an equitable, just and sustainable food system in Albany County, Wyoming.

Katrina, Everett, Blake and Liam at the Thursday Local Market, before selling out of that day's breads and croissants. Photo Credit: Peggy McCrackin, Manager of the Thursday Local Market.

To learn more about Solstice Acre Breads and where you can buy their products, please visit their website at

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