Founder and Director

Gayle M. Woodsum is an award winning writer and speaker with international experience in community organizing for social change since the early 1980s. She is president and chief executive officer for Action Resources International (ARI), a Wyoming based nonprofit organization dedicated to ending violence and promoting safety through a variety of community strengthening efforts that are community based, designed and led. In 2009, Gayle launched the Feeding Laramie Valley project through ARI, in an effort to expand resources and create equitable collaborations among various community food, health and social justice programs. 


Community Engagment Director

Lina Dunning serves as the statewide AmeriCorps VISTA coordinator for Action Resources International, as well as manages several FLV programs and documents the area’s food history and future through interviews and videos. She grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine. After graduating from the University of Maine with a master’s degree in Community Development she worked as a community educator with the Cooperative Extension Service. Her experiences there led her to focus on the urgent issues facing women and children including family planning and sexual violence. Now living in Wyoming, surrounded by mountains instead of the ocean, she is working as a community-based social change activist to understand the role that food insecurity plays in keeping women trapped in abusive relationships and how to make healthy, fresh food available to those in need.


Program Support Services Coordinator

Sandy was born and raised in Laramie and has raised her three children here as well. She attended the University of Wyoming and completed a certificate program at Laramie County Community College. Having worked many years at UW and for the Albany County school district she landed at Feeding Laramie Valley. Working part-time cleaning the old Ft. Sanders building at LaBonte Park, she also took on several temporary jobs from watering gardens to assisting with the inaugural years of FLV’s free summer lunch program and the Higher Ground Fair. Now full-time at Feeding Laramie Valley, Sandy is the coordinator of  Kids Out to Lunch and logistics coordinator for the annual Higher Ground Fair.


Food Production Manager

Reece is a Wyoming native. He was born in Laramie and grew up in the mountains at over 8,000 feet above sea level, 40 miles from the nearest town, in what most would think of as a cabin in the woods.  After graduating high school, he went to the University of Wyoming where he received a B.A. in Religious Studies. He started working at Feeding Laramie Valley during college and has continued to since graduation. His many duties include managing interns, shooting photos and videos, working in the gardens, and helping with anything else he can.


FLV Shares Team

Full Year AmeriCorps

Dominic was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming. He enjoys gardening, cooking and art. Dom is working as a year long AmeriCorps with the FLV Shares team. Prior to this position, Dom was an FLV Summer Intern. He is very excited and humbled to have the opportunity to be apart of the FLV team full time and looking forward to working with everyone to continue the development of FLV.


FLV Shares Team

Food Production Assistant

Since before Chase can remember, horticulture and music have been the two things that he was most spirited, and passionate about. Working under the sun with hands in the dirt, and working with plants makes for a good day, any day for Chase. When he was fifteen he started a band that he didn't know would shape who he is to this day. Being on over twenty national tours, Chase has had the opportunity to meet many amazing people, and find a new hope, and love for humanity.


Program Coordinator

Candace moved to Laramie with her husband and dog in January of 2018 from north metro Atlanta. She graduated with a master's degree in International Development from Brussels, Belgium. Before graduating, her experiences working and backpacking in Southeast Asia led her to focus on agricultural development. When she started with Feeding Laramie Valley, she was a full-time AmeriCorps VISTA where she helped the organization with capacity development, coordinating volunteers and events. Now, her duties include to support the planning and coordination of the programs and its activities, help build relationships within the team and the community, and keep records and reports updated.  


Program Design Coordinator

Katherine moved to Laramie with her husband in 2018 from San Diego, CA. to continue her work in food security and community development. Katherine has two B.A.’s from the University of Hawaii and an M.A. in Political Science from San Diego State University. Over the last few years, Katherine has worked as a researcher and coordinator with local governments and community-based organizations to build community gardens, edible landscapes, and increase food security for vulnerable populations in underserved communities. After completing her first year with Feeding Laramie Valley, Katie stayed on as Community Garden Coordinator and Program Design Coordinator as well as accepted a position with Action Resources International as the AmeriCorps State National Program Coordinator.


Healthy Food Access

Full Year AmeriCorps VISTA

Domonique, originally hailing from Washington state, moved to Laramie, WY with her mom and little sister in April of 2019. She studied at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, obtaining a bachelor 's in Studio Arts and two minors in Peace & Conflict Studies and Environmental Science & Policy. Domonique has experience working on projects in photography, environmental conservation, community collaboration, and innovation in art and design. She enjoys working within her community, developing positive relationships, and adapting to life. In her free time, she enjoys photography, writing, hiking, gardening, and reading new works.


Food Access Capacity Development

Full Year AmeriCorps VISTA

Hanna grew up in Evanston, Wyoming. She moved to Laramie to complete a Bachelor's in Sociology and Social Sciences from the University of Wyoming. Her interest in food insecurity, sustainability, and community building led her to pursue a position with Feeding Laramie Valley. In her free time, Hanna likes to travel, bake, be outdoors, or play with her cat. 


Food Access Capacity Development

Full Year AmeriCorps VISTA

Originally from Iowa, Blake is a recent graduate from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Agronomy and International Agriculture. He brings experience collaborating with student groups and community members on a variety of agricultural issues and communicating his dual loves for sustainably-grown produce and the outdoors. As time allows, Blake likes going on long runs, reading, cooking, and having great conversation.

Feeding Laramie Valley
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