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Bowl Donation Guidelines
(see form below)

Thank you so much for your interest in donating a bowl to our fundraising bowl sale at Feeding Laramie Valley’s (FLV) first Soup-Off! We are asking for donations of hand-crafted bowls for a fundraising sale at our Soup & Solstice Celebration on December 20, 2023 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Donated bowls will be sold by Feeding Laramie Valley, during the event as a fundraiser!

Official Bowl Donation Guidelines and printable submission forms can be found here

Bowl Safety Guidelines

● Bowls can be made of a number or materials, including kiln-fired clay or wood.
● All bowls must be solid, meaning there cannot be any holes, chips, or cracks that might
compromise the bowl’s structure or ability to hold soup.
● Please list if the bowl is dishwasher and/or microwave safe
● We ask that donated bowls be designed without nooks or crevasses that could harbor bacteria, the
smoother, the better.
● All bowls must be made with non-toxic & food-safe materials, especially if painted or glazed. If
food safe paint is not available to you, please keep all painting on the outside of the bowl only so
that it won’t come into contact with the food.

○ PLEASE NOTE: air-dry clay and any clay that is not fired in a kiln is not considered
food safe.

● Please submit the bowl donation submission form online, in person, or by mail and bowl(s) (in person) on December 20, 2023 by 4 p.m. 

Remember, your bowl forms and bowls must be submitted to Feeding Laramie Valley, 968 N. 9th St., Laramie, Wyoming on December 20, 2023 by 4 p.m. 

Bowl Donation Form

Thanks for submitting!

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