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The Mobile Food Market is finalizing its construction, preparing to bring fresh foods areas across Albany County.

Feeding Laramie Valley’s Mobile Healthy Food Market aims to increase healthy and fresh food access for all members of the Albany County community through traveling sales. Our Mobile Healthy Food Market is being constructed on a charming, retired Bluebird school bus, which makes it possible for us to travel to areas like Centennial, Rock River, Woods landing, and South & West Laramie, and more! Our bus will be filled with a selection of staple foods like fresh produce, protein options, and bulk dry goods. With the help of our team, volunteers, our community, and our partnership with Big Hollow Food Co-Op, the renovation, and planning of the bus is underway. We cannot wait to welcome our fellow community members onto the bus at our first stop! Stay tuned for the route schedule! 


Throughout this social venture, we will be working to reach rural and underserved areas in our county. Wyoming is known for its beautiful frontier, open lands, and long winters. This reality brings fewer stores within a convenient and feasible distance, a shorter growing season, road closers due to weather resulting in limited deliveries of produce and food shortages. The Mobile Market will be working with this in mind. To increase Healthy Food Access to everyone in Albany County. 


This social venture is designed as a retail sales outlet, engaging us in economic, jobs, and career development to help fight poverty and health and wellness disparities in our community. Each purchase will help support Feeding Laramie Valley's programs that are creating sustainable local food production and increased healthy food access for everyone in Albany County, including programs like our Shares and Kids Out to Lunch programs. 

What we've accomplished so far...

The renovation of the bus has included painting the interior and exterior, reupholstering seats, installing new flooring, fixing windows, overcoming mechanical challenges, building a shelving and plumbing system, as well as outfitting the space with refrigerators, a hand sink, and a bulk food dispenser. In addition to the renovations, our team is enjoying spreading the word (and photos!) about this mobile market adventure through our social media outlets. We're becoming more deeply involved every day with gathering input from community members on what they'd like to see for their new mobile market. We've also begun to connect with gardeners, homesteaders, and entrepreneurs as we develop the process for inviting local vendors to offer products for sale at the Feeding Laramie Valley Mobile Market.


Want to get involved or get more information?

Are you excited about this project as much as we are? Do you have ideas you want to bring to the planning process but have limited time? Please reach out to us, community input in every stage of our programs is always welcome and greatly encouraged. 


We will also be looking to add to our Mobile Market team soon! Keep in touch with us through our website, social media platforms (listed below), and email for more information on this soon. 


We invite you to get in touch with us, if you would like more information or would like to get involved in this new social venture, email us at or call our office at: 307.223.4399.

Feeding Laramie Valley is on the Move, see our Mobile Food Market locations!

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Libby Graves
Painting the Bus
Partial bus - Caitlyn

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