About How Does Your Garden Grow


Have you ever wanted to start a vegetable garden in Laramie, but felt discouraged by the cold weather, soil quality, or amount of growing space you have? Do you have the space, but no  idea of where to start? Are you a gardener with questions or an interest in learning more?


This FREE community event, sponsored by Feeding Laramie Valley, will offer solutions and hands-on learning to help you enjoy successful gardening. We are continuously collaborating with experienced, local gardeners to provide the community with information about:

  • Garden design/Where do I plant my garden?

  • Spacing/sunlight/How do I start my garden?

  • Gardening tools and supplies

  • How do you build a raised bed?

  • What type of soil and seeds should I buy?

  • Gardening on a small budget

  • Gardening with kids

  • Transplanting seedlings

  • Composting and worm cultivation

  • Pollinators and pest control

  • Season extension

  • Hydroponic systems

  • Watering techniques

  • Harvesting

  • Kiwanis Park Community Garden

  • Why should I garden?

  • Who can I ask questions to about my garden?


Feeding Laramie Valley is excited to provide the community with a fun, alternative way to continue the How Does Your Garden Grow event. 


If you have gardening experience and would like to become a participant, please email Candace Teems at on how you can get involved. 


Please check back for more updates! 

Event Update: The health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and community members are important to us, so the in-person event scheduled on Saturday, April 25, 2020 has been cancelled. 

Our team will be transforming the How Does Your Garden Grow event into an on-going, educational, virtual gardening and mentoring program. 

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