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How FLV Shares works.


Feeding Laramie Valley distributes over 7,000 pounds of locally grown fresh produce each year. This is possible through production gardening at FLV gardens and farms, community yard-sharing, farmer's market vendors and individual produce donations from commercial farms, school and community gardeners. 

Summer Shares (June - October) and Winter Shares (January - April) provides fresh locally grown produce to individuals and families throughout Albany County who don't have sufficient access.


There is no cost to join the program. The shares program is led by FLV's Food Production team and in the summer a group of AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates. Weekly shares of produce are made possible through FLV production farming and donations from local growers and farmers.

Shares are given to individuals and families, the Downtown Clinic, Laramie Senior Housing, and Interfaith Good-Samaritan.



To learn more about FLV Shares, email Reece our Food Production Coordinator.

How YOU can help share!

Drop off your extra produce.


If you happen to be a local gardener with a surplus of produce and want to find a welcoming place for the extras, we will gladly accept it at our office to then distribute to families and individuals.


Drop off your produce Monday to Friday from 10AM - 3PM

Summer Shares run July - October.

Winter Shares run January - April.

Donate to FLV Shares.

During the long winter months, Feeding Laramie Valley continues to make access to fresh healthy produce a priority. Your monetary or volunteer contribution will go directly towards funding this program and will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals and families.

What your contribution provides:

$3.50 • 1 person receives USDA recommended servings of fresh produce for one week.

$10 • 1 person receives fresh produce shares for three weeks.

$25 • A family of four receives fresh produce shares for two weeks. 

$60 • 1 person receives fresh produce shares for 16 weeks.

$100 • allows 30 fresh produce shares to be distributed 

$200 • allows 60 fresh produce shares to be distributed

$250 • allows 20 fresh produce shares to be distributed to families of four 

$500 • fills 70 fresh produce shares to be distributed to families of two

Winter 2019-2020 GOALS: 

1. Provide 120 people with produce shares each week for 16 weeks. 

2.Raise $6,720, the cost of distributing 1 pound of produce to 120 people, for 16 weeks.

3. Work with 10 NEW volunteers!

Could this be you?

Volunteer with FLV Shares.

Join staff and volunteers each week and you can make a direct impact in your community!

January - April

Wednesdays between 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

What do Shares Volunteers do?

Volunteers help with washing, weighing, sorting, bagging and distributing fresh produce bags. Have a green thumb? You can also help with early seed potting in our indoor grow tent. 

How do you become a volunteer?

Contact us here for more information or to let us know when you are available.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Good Agricultural Practices and FLV Shares

We follow the Good Agricultural Practices guidelines that apply to Feeding Laramie Valley based on our size and mission, and all staff are trained in those guidelines. FLV also comes under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.  

Production Donation Distribution FLV Sha
Produce is cleaned and sorted